Buying a luxury home requires a unique expertise that we have at Ascent Real Estate Professionals.  Luxury and high end homes are typically designed as custom homes, so each new home is unique – with varying levels of finishes, amenities and features.  While buying a luxury home, you’ll likely come across more challenges along the way due to lack of inventory that suit your needs, access to high end listings, and financial hurdles.  Trust the local experts to get you into the right homes, while handling your needs every step of the way.   We have the experience and effort necessary to find the perfect home for you.  In fact, the average agent participates in a luxury or high end transaction once every 2 years.  We participate in one every 45 days.

Our Luxury Buyer Service

Exclusive Search

Luxury and high end homes only represent about 5% of the market, and because of that low percentage, there may be few homes on the market that fit your needs.  On top of that,  high end homes can be private, unlisted and/or exclusive, depending on the price range and clientele.  Because we have represented dozens and dozens of luxury home sellers, we have an established network of high end and luxury home sellers who may be willing to sell.  Beyond our seller network, we have industry relationships that we can tap into.  We scour the market every day to find homes that suit you, and suggest positive alternatives if necessary.

Expert Valuation

Because we’re involved in so many high end and luxury real estate transactions, we are experts in comparing high end features and valuing these elite homes.  Because of our valuation expertise and techniques, we can provide direction and suggestions on getting the price that fits in your budget, when the sellers have over-estimated their value.  Keeping your bottom line in mind is just one of the things we do best.

Expert Negotiation

In any home purchase, a strong negotiator will play a large role in protecting your interests and getting the most out of your budget. Not only are we expert negotiators, we also understand the unique financial nuances of your high end or luxury transaction and we can be creative in crafting, negotiating and closing the purchase while securing your best possible outcome.

Builder Introductions

Let’s face it, sometimes the only way to get exactly what you want is to build it yourself.  We understand.  Ascent Real Estate Professionals have a network of talented builders that can build a custom home wherever you’d like to build.  On top of that, we can help you finance your new home project, give suggestions based on the latest design trends and features, and manage the build from beginning to end.  Custom homes take time, energy and effort – but the results are unmatched.

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