1. Larimer County Notice of Value

    If you're a Larimer County home or property owner, chances are you received a note from the Assessors office with information onyour Larimer County Notice of Value.   This NOV is the Larimer County Assessors estimate of value in which your 2013 property taxes will be based.  The notice you receive…Read More

  2. Investment Property in Fort Collins

    (Originally Published September 5th, 2012) If you've got a child getting out of the dorms at CSU and looking for affordable rental housing, chances are pickings are super slim right now.  Vacancy rates are less than 2% and affordable housing is in very low supply.  The good news is there is a grea…Read More

  3. How to Fund A Down Payment with Your Retirement Account

    (Originally Published February 14th, 2012) Please understand before you read this that we are not a financial advisors or accountants.  Consult with tax and financial professionals before making any moves within your retirement account.  These professionals will further educate you on the risks a…Read More

  4. Tax Tips for Fort Collins Home Owners

    (Originally Published March 10th, 2011) With tax season looming, you really should be considering the tax benefits and impacts of home ownership.  If you're utilizing a CPA, make sure they're up to speed on your real estate status, as it can typically save you a lot of money at tax time.  If you…Read More