1. September Prices Reverse Course

    While the headline "prices reverse course" can seem ominous, we need to put it in the right perspective.  First, as indicated below, all median values are up nearly between 9.6% and 12.11% as compared to 2017 values.  10%+ value increases are nothing to sneeze at - it is generally a $40,000+ appre…Read More

  2. Sales Hold Steady, Median Values Increasing Again

    What seems to be a very short lived "correction" may be just that, short lived.  The late summer surge of inventory helped to keep median prices lower than they had been in over a year, but that trend seems to have reversed in October, as the last gasp of sales plays out in 2017.  Prices in Fort C…Read More

  3. Fort Collins, Greeley, & Loveland Gain Ground

    There's plenty of talk out there: "It's slowing down", "Is the crash here?" etc.  I've gotten questions at the dentist, the post office, and a brewery.  Real estate is always the talk of the town, which is exactly how I like it.  What I also like is providing numbers so that those seeking good in…Read More

  4. Is Inventory Returning?

    In the middle of the year as summer heats up, the Northern Colorado real estate market follows suit.  Every June and July, we expect increased activity - more homes for sale and more sales as a result.  In 2017, however; what we saw in June was pretty important.  In Fort Collins we saw a 35% incr…Read More

  5. The Next Downturn Won’t Be Like The Last

    When things get good in the real estate market, people tend to get fearful quickly and automatically predict a collapse.  The last downturn really put a strain on thousands of families in Northern Colorado via job-loss, foreclosure or bankruptcy.  The memory of the most recent recession looms ver…Read More

  6. Is a Shift in the Market on the Horizon?

    Another month is in the books and interestingly enough, we might be starting to see a little bit of a shift in the market - now, whether that kind of shift will continue is yet to be seen - with the biggest and best real estate months coming up, we hope to be able to track any potential issues alon…Read More

  7. Looking Ahead to the Colder Months – Video

    In our August 2016 Market update, managing broker Jared Reimer shares median values for Fort Collins, Loveland and Greeley, along with some insight on what we can expect over the 'colder months'. Contact us for more information if you're wanting to make a move, we're glad to help.   As always, foll…Read More

  8. Momentum Continues, Up, Up, Up!

    In our July 2016 Market update, managing broker Jared Reimer shares median values for Fort Collins, Loveland and Greeley, along with some thoughts on how long this market will continue upwards and what could be done to help increase affordable options.  Contact us for more information if you're wan…Read More

  9. The Reality of an Accelerated Market

    With one quarter in the books for 2016, Northern Colorado real estate continues its unprecedented and historic pace. Year-to-date sales increased regionally in large part due to the nearly 25 percent gain in the Greeley/Evans area. A total of 2150 home sales represented about a 12% increase over 201…Read More

  10. September 2015 Home Sales ‘Robust’

    September 2015 home sales in the four-county region continue the robust pace with 1,816 closed sales representing an 13.0 percent increase from September last year and the median price was up 14.9 percent to $300,000.   It is interesting to note that Weld County, the area with the lowest median sel…Read More