1. A Very Good Year For Fort Collins Real Estate – 2012

    (Originally Published January 19th, 2013) If you're 'experienced' enough to remember Frank Sinatra's hit 'It Was a Very Good Year', you might be able to apply the title to Fort Collins real estate in 2012.  It certainly was a very good year!  In Fort Collins, residential home sales blew away any a…Read More

  2. Fort Collins Real Estate Recovery – 2012

    (Originally Published January 15th, 2013) It's an exciting time in the Fort Collins real estate recovery.  We have come such a long way from hitting bottom in 2010, and luckily for us, our hole to dig out of is certainly not as deep as some truly depressed national real estate markets.  A lot has …Read More

  3. Predictions for Fort Collins Real Estate in 2013

    (Originally Published January 8th, 2013) 2013  is upon us and real estate in Fort Collins is moving at a furious pace!  In 2012, we saw the return of the buyer and the re-emergence of the home builder. Although 2012 started off with uncertainty, it certainly ended with a very positive outlook.  F…Read More

  4. 2012 Loveland and Fort Collins Real Estate Recovery

    (Originally Published December 5th, 2012) As expected and predicted, by the end of 2012 we've seen a major and very sustainable real estate recovery in Loveland and Fort Collins. As interest rates remain low, home affordability at it's highest levels in generations, and decreasing inventory levels,…Read More

  5. Northern Colorado Home Values Continue Up

    (Originally Published November 10th, 2012) As we near the end of 2012, Northern Colorado home values continue up.  In October, we've surpassed the entire amount of sales recorded in 2011, and still have plenty of time to go.   Buyers purchasing before the winter weather approached help boost Fort …Read More

  6. Everyone Wins in This Real Estate Market – September 2012

    (Originally Published October 13th, 2012) As we move on past another month and into another quarter, the numbers keep looking better and better in this real estate market.  Home sales were up 27%  in September 2012 and 24.5% for the third quarter.  We are currently seeing a 20% gain year to date …Read More

  7. Fort Collins Real Estate Market Conditions – August 2012

    (Originally Published September 15th, 2012) Fort Collins Real Estate Market Conditions - August 2012 Another month and even more good news in the Fort Collins real estate recovery.  In August, Fort Collins recorded an astounding 21.8% gain on closed sales and a 7% price increase from August 2011. …Read More

  8. Low Fort Collins Real Estate Inventory

    (Originally Published August 18th, 2012) Recent activity suggests that buyers are having a very difficult time with low Fort Collins real estate inventory, especially price ranges of $225,000 and below.  Low inventory is forcing buyers to act quickly when competing for available listings. Currently…Read More

  9. The Northern Colorado Real Estate Market – June 2012

    (Originally Published May 29th, 2012) 2012 has already been a great year for the Northern Colorado real estate market.   We're shaking off the recession and are really showing signs of full recovery.  Although it doesn't quite look like a full blown seller's market, we're already seeing reduced in…Read More