1. House Hacks for a Happy Retirement

    After the financial crisis in the earlier part of this decade, tons of savings and retirement accounts were hit hard.  Baby boomers considering retirement likely put those plans on hold, whether they wanted to or not, until the market returned and their nest egg was healthy and stable again.  Sinc…Read More

  2. A Better Day Cleaning and Concierge

    Are you looking for a great cleaner who is responsive, prompt and goes above and beyond? Look no further than A Better Day Cleaning and Concierge! If you need scheduled cleaning, move in/move out help or a big, dirty job - get in touch - I highly recommend them! 970.397.7932 - Contact me at 970.222…Read More

  3. Full House Carpet Cleaning

    Shout out to Full House Carpet Cleaning!  They have done an EXCELLENT job cleaning carpets in my rentals - extending the life of our flooring and increasing our bottom line.  they are affordable, quick and easy to work with.  Give them a call at 970.481.6596 or find them online at FortCollinsClea…Read More

  4. Know Your Radon Risk

    Do you know most homes in Fort Collins are at risk for Radon? What is it? How does it affect your health? How much does it cost to test and mitigate - I answer all your questions so you can know your radon risk. Give me a call or text today at 970.222.1049 or email me at Jared@AscentREProfessionals…Read More

  5. Easy Home Valuation

    Have you recently completed a renovation or addition? Was your assessed value from the county higher than you expected and you want to contest? Are you looking to sell within the next year?  All of these are great reasons to get in touch with me about my free and easy home valuation.  It's better …Read More

  6. Real Estate TV Shows Distort Reality

    Of course you love reality real estate shows.  Who doesn't like watching a couple young buyers get their first home before baby comes, or that well-to-do family finding the perfect getaway villa, or the savvy investor who makes $65k on his flip.  Shows like Property Brothers, Rehab Addict, House H…Read More

  7. Curb Appeal Tips for Spring and Summer

    Spring is in full force and summer is right around the corner.  You don't need to be selling your home to spruce up the curb appeal.  Having a great looking home reflects well on the homeowner and encourages your neighbors to step up! Curb appeal doesn't have to be expensive either - a little elbo…Read More