1. Fort Collins, Greeley, & Loveland Gain Ground

    There's plenty of talk out there: "It's slowing down", "Is the crash here?" etc.  I've gotten questions at the dentist, the post office, and a brewery.  Real estate is always the talk of the town, which is exactly how I like it.  What I also like is providing numbers so that those seeking good in…Read More

  2. Northern Colorado’s Hottest Zip Codes

    Real estate is very regional in Northern Colorado.  Things could be booming in Greeley, flat in Loveland and creeping upwards in Fort Collins, all within the same month.  If you follow the news, it could be hard to tell what's happening in your neck of the woods.  Even in Fort Collins, for exampl…Read More

  3. Resolve to Improve Your Life Using Real Estate

    It's that time of year where most of us have made resolutions.  Some of us have stuck with them so far, while others got derailed, delayed or just plain gave up.  While I made my New Year's resolutions, I also contemplated what I could do to help others feel more empowered in their real estate cho…Read More

  4. Scouting a Neighborhood

    Maybe you've just decided to make a move, whether it is cross-town or cross country, one of the first steps is scouting a neighborhood.  In decades past, you used to have to rely on outdated maps, word of mouth, or local magazines to learn anything about a neighborhood.  These days, if you're scou…Read More

  5. Median Values are Up Across Northern Colorado

    Median values are up across Northern Colorado in September, as compared to 2015. Home prices are creeping up above the $317,000 mark, still at record highs, and there is no slowing in sight, although the colder months are always a little bit of a wild card.  Through the end of September, a total of…Read More

  6. Buy a Home In Seven Days or Less

    With all the information available to homebuyers these days through the web, apps, and other outlets, the entire process of purchasing a home should be much less complicated than ever before, right?  We've found that isn't always the case.  Buyers have information overload, inaccurate or misleadin…Read More

  7. 98 Eagle Rising Place Livermore CO

    Join us on a tour of 98 Eagle Rising Place Livermore CO - A unique home with inspiring and award winning design. Eagle Rising is a perfect and personal romantic resort with cozy living spaces both inside and out that blend perfectly with the majestic views that surround it. The construction utilizes…Read More

  8. Limited Homes For Sale in Fort Collins – April 2014 Update

    As the temperatures begin to rise, so too does the real estate market begin to heat up.  With 60% of the annual home sales occurring over the next six months, we are extremely short of available homes for purchase.  Although we are seeing more homes for sale in Fort Collins, inventory levels are n…Read More

  9. Why Should You Move to Fort Collins?

    If you were to make a list of why you should move to Fort Collins, you'd likely find yourself running out of paper before too long.  The Fort Collins area has earned such accolades over the past ten years as ‘Best Place to Live in America’; ‘Best Place to Raise a Family’ and a ‘Top Retire…Read More

  10. Extraordinary Fort Collins Real Estate Buyers and Sellers

    (Originally Published January 17th, 2012) If you're a buyer or seller in Fort Collins, you want to simple, painless real estate transaction.  If you've gone through a particularly painful purchase or sale, you know how agonizing and upsetting it can be.  Each real estate transaction is different, …Read More