1. Get a Buyer’s Agent

    This weekend, I hosted an open house and had quite a bit of fun meeting everyone who came through. I did notice plenty of unrepresented buyers pass through and it made me think, "there's gotta be a better way"! The first two things new buyers should do is get prequalified and get a buyer's agent to …Read More

  2. Downpayment Options

    I recently read that 9 out of 10 new home buyers didn't realize there were down payment options that offered less than 10% down. I've got the low down on some options between 0% and 10% that might work for your unique financial situation. It pays to participate in this market - so do it smartly! As …Read More

  3. First Time Homebuyers – Take Note!

    Are you striving to buy your first home? I've got a new listing coming up in Thompson river Ranch - Ideally located and perfect for some looking to break into the market. Colorado is among the worst states for time home buyers (43rd out of 50) but my new listing won't disappoint. If you're wanting t…Read More

  4. The Paradox of Today’s NOCO Home Sellers

    It's a unique market out there.  In Fort Collins, the average home price sits at $400,000.  Median prices have increased over 8% year over year since 2013, which means if you owned an median home in 2013, you now have an additional $95,857.33 in equity IN JUST THREE YEARS.  Times are great for N…Read More

  5. NOCO Appraiser Shortage Concerns

    Did you know Northern Colorado is in the midst of an appraiser shortage? Since the market got heated we've been dealing with several different appraisal issues - here's how they can affect you! I do everything I can to help mitigate issues before they become a problem - so chat with me if you're con…Read More

  6. Northern Colorado Region Hovering Near Record Highs

    A strong yet constrained real estate market is keeping the Northern Colorado region hovering near record highs.  Regional median home values are creeping up above the $317,000 mark, as we end into the last gasp during the holidays.  Through the end of October, a total of 9169 homes have sold in th…Read More

  7. How Trump Impacts Housing

    This month, just under half of the United States' voters got their man, Donald Trump, elected president.  My impression is that nearly 100% of the citizens were surprised at the results.  Although President-Elect Trump will not take office until late January, many are wondering which campaign prom…Read More

  8. Top 5 Home Buying Mistakes

    Buying a home can be complicated, especially when you might only get the opportunity to do it every five to seven years.  Buying a home involves a lot of moving parts, dozens of details, strict terms and deadlines and a lot of money.  While you can bounce back from a few bumps in the road, here ar…Read More

  9. Incredible Equity in Northern Colorado Homes

    Making the turn into the back half of 2016, YTD June sales and median values are keeping pace with the first half of the year, with prices at all time highs once again. Through the end of June, a total of 4931  homes have sold in the Fort Collins, Loveland, and Greeley/Weld area, up nearly 10% from…Read More

  10. Buyers Need to Be Flexible in this Market

    In our June 2016 Market update, managing broker Jared Reimer shares median values for Fort Collins, Loveland and Greeley, along with some ideas on how buyers can be flexible with items besides just price - terms, location, timeframe and more.  There are tons of additional ways to get your offer acc…Read More