Unless you haven’t paid attention to local news or have avoided friends and neighbors, you’ve probably realized how competitive the Fort Collins real estate market has gotten.  Although the “wait and see” approach to entering the market never hurt anyone, there is certainly a lot to be gained when selling.

As a buyer, you’ve got a new opponent.  No longer is the seller your only foe, you’ve got to deal with hungry buyers, who want the home you want and are willing to do whatever’s necessary to do it.  If you want to win in this competitive Fort Collins real estate market, start here:

We Can Help You Win!

From a buyers point of view, the Fort Collins and Northern Colorado real estate market is very competitive   There are more buyers than sellers and in many price points, there is competition between buyers to purchase a home.  If you want to win in the Fort Collins real estate market and find the right home for you, you need a team of smart, aggressive real estate professionals.

Build A Great Team

We can help build this team.  We understand the competitiveness of the current market and we will work hard, fast and smart to find the right home for you and get the deal closed.  We will obviously need your support but we can also call on experienced mortgage lenders and knowledgeable home inspectors among others.  We have the ambition and connections to create a winning experience for you.

Expect the Unexpected

Sellers are looking for appealing offers – the right price might not be good enough.  They need to see attractive terms, conditions and contingencies that will make your offer stand out.  We know how to craft, present and negotiate this type of offer.  It’s easier to win with Ascent Real Estate Professionals representing you.

Buyers, it’s a tough market for you.  If you want a winner on your team who can get the job done and beat other offers, call us today so we can get to work on making your offers more attractive to a seller.  We want you to win in this competitive Fort Collins real estate market.

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