Step right up! Come one, come all! You won’t believe your eyes. Come witness the incredible disappearing house!

Ok, it’s not quite a sideshow act, but the incredible disappearing house is a real thing. We’re not talking about houses vanishing into thin air, we’re talking about houses that you may never see again. We’re talking about the $300,000 home.

A little research on the Fort Collins real estate market, the trend setting market in the region, reveals some startling news. The number of homes priced below $300,000 are disappearing at an increasingly alarming rate.


Since 2010, homes priced at or below $300,000 have fallen from 80% to just 50% of the market. What’s more, we’ve measured a massive drop just within the past year, from 65% to 50%, which is not a happy trend. To make matters worse, the homes we’re reporting on include both single family homes, along with condo/townhome inventory. If you remove the attached dwellings from the equation – the percentage is considerably worse.

With homes below $300,000 slowly going the way of the dodo, it always helps to understand where you stand in a market like this. If you believe you have a home on the lower end of the market, you’d be surprised what kind of higher end prices you could receive. Give us a call, text or email to understand what options and opportunities are available to you.

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