1. Thinking of Refinancing in Northern Colorado?

    (Originally Published September 16th, 2010) Over the past couple months, we've been asked by several clients from Fort Collins to Greeley and everywhere in between, "Should I re-finance?"  With those 5, 6, and 7+% rates, more and more NoCo locals are considering it.  But how do you know if refinan…Read More

  2. Fort Collins Real Estate Statistics

    (Originally Published  September 9th, 2010) It's a fact of life, either you love real estate statistics, or you're indifferent.  We happen to love real estate news and numbers.  It's the lifeblood of our business and there is so much to be learned by analyzing and interpreting data in Fort Collin…Read More

  3. How to Avoid Foreclosure In Fort Collins With Short Sales

    (Originally Published  September 9th, 2010) Nobody ever wants to learn about foreclosures and short sales.  Unfortunately, some folks are forced to get deep into the distressed property world - whether that's through divorce, job loss, or other hardship.  With the economic downturn, more and more…Read More

  4. Qualifying Yourself to Buy a Home in Northern Colorado

    (Originally Published August 26th, 2010) In Northern Colorado, 1 in 20 homes are in foreclosure.  Lending is tight and lending regulations don't seem to be loosening up any time soon.  That being said, with 30 year fixed rates below 4.5%, an abundance of inventory, and depressed home prices, I be…Read More